C Rankings

PG ¦ SG ¦ SF ¦ PF ¦ C

1. Andre Drummond 6’11 270

  • A physically imposing with long arms and good strength, an excellent leaper and shot blocker with developing post skills, needs to continue to work hard and develop his shooting range

 2. Meyers Leonard 7’0 245

  • A good and quick athlete with an explosive leap and good body control, an above average passer out of the post and a good FT shooter but needs add some weight and some more offensive moves to play effectively at the next level

 3. Tyler Zeller 6’11 240

  • A good athlete for his size, can already play down low and is a solid shooter, must improve his strength and toughness and skills against double teams

 4. Fab Melo 7’0 255

  • Great length and good footwork plus a solid midrange jump shot are positives, as is an ability to block shots, but a raw offensive game needs work and athleticism remains something of a question

 5.Festus Ezeli 6’11 255

  • Despite a disrupted senior season a good frame and athleticism remain attractions, offensive game is showing good potential but needs to become a more physical rebounder

 6. Jeff Withy 7’0 235

  • Possesses solid post moves and an ability to hit jump shots and is a good shot blocker and defender, but needs improve his strength for the next level

 7. Henry Sims 6’10 255

  • A consistent improver through his college career who is developing solid post moves and is a good passer but must better use his size against NBA opposition

 8. Yancy Gates 6’9 275 

  • Has a soft touch and good shooting range for his size, is relatively explosive and handles the ball well but questions remain over his motor and ability to dominate games

 9. Robert Sacre 6’11 260

  • Legitimate size and bulk and some back to the basket moves as well as being a good FT shooter, but must utilize his physical gifts more consistently and deal with double teams better

10. Zeke Marshall 7’0 245

  • Nice size and length. Very athletic, solid rebounder and a force on the defensive end. Offensive game is still developing however. 

Other C Prospects: DeWayne Dedmond, C USC; Lucas Nogueira, Brazil; Gorgui Dieng, Louisville, Kenny Frease, Xavier; Joshua SMith, UCLA 



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