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Version 2: 4/13

1. Anthony Davis, Kentucky,PF

  • Bobcats need size and a potential star

2. Andre Drummond, UConn,PF/C

  • Size for the Wiz given issues with Blatche, McGee

3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF

  • NBA ready SF that will help immediately for the Hornets

4.Thomas Robinson, Kansas, PF

  • Backcourt for the Nets is solid if Williams stays, so size and toughness is the target

5.Harrison Barnes,North Carolina,SF

  • A shooter to add some scoring punch

6.Bradley Beal,Florida,SG

  • Fills a huge need at SG for the Raptors

7.Jeremy Lamb,UConn,SG

  • A good fit for the needs of the Kings

8.Arnett Moultrie, Miss. St, PF

  • The Pistons need to find another big to pair with Greg Monroe

9.Austin Rivers,Duke,SG

  • Jazz are set down low, now they need to find some scoring punch in the backcourt.  

10.Damian Lillard,Weber St, PG

  • Hornets need to find their PG of the futre

11.Meyers Leonard,Illinois,C

  • No Oden and Camby mean a C is required

12.Tyler Zeller,North Carolina,C

  • The trade of Andrew Bogut leaves a big hole at C

13.Jared Sullinger,Ohio St.,PF

  • Would provide some added toughness to the Suns frontcourt 

14.Kendall Marshall,North Carolina,PG

  • A floor general to succeed Harris would be a good addition

15.Perry Jones,Baylor,SF/PF

  • Talented combo forward that would be an excellent fit in Houston

16.Terrence Jones, Kentucky, SF

  • Could be a nice pairing with Brooks on the wing

17.John Henson,North Carolina,PF

  • Adds some big man depth

18.Dron Lamb,Kentucky,SG

  • SG is still a major need for the Sixers

19.Terrence Ross,Washington,SG

  • Is Kevin Martin a longterm solution at SG for the Rockets? 

20.Moe Harkless,St. Johns,SF

  • Hawks happy to add depth here

21.Dion Waiters,Syracuse,G

  • Celtics could have a hole to fill at SG depending on Ray Allen

22.Tony Mitchell,North Texas,SF/PF

  • Good athlete who can play both Forward spots

23.Royce White,Iowa St,SF/PF

  • High risk/High reward pick

24.Andrew Nicholson,St. Bonaventure,PF

  • Adds some big man depth

25.Fab Melo,Syracuse,C

  • Additional depth on an already deep squad

26.Festus Ezeli,Vanderbilt,C

  • Cavs also looking to add some size

27.Marquis Teague,Kentucky,PG

  • Curry’s ankle and Ellis trade creates a need

28.Tony Wroten,Washington,PG/SG

  • Could earn minutes right away

29.CJ McCollum,Lehigh,PG/SG

  • Could develop as a solid bench option behind Harden and Westbrook

30.Jeffrey Taylor,Vanderbilt,SF

  • Great athlete fits well with Bulls 


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 2012 Trades Outstanding:

 Bulls receive Bobcats first round pick protected through 2015 (Tyrus Thomas trade)

 Cavs can swap first round picks with the Heat (LeBron James trade)

 Cans receive the Kings lottery protected first rounder this year, top 13 protected in 2013, top 12 in 2014, top 10 protected in 2015 and 2016 or a second round pick in 2017

 Warriors get the Spurs 2012 (protected) first round pick for taking Richard Jefferson’s contract

 Celtics receive Clippers first round pick (top 10 protected through 2015), in 2012 will be lesser of Clippers first round pick or Timberwolves first round pick (Jeff Green trade)

 Rockets receive Mavericks’ first round pick top 20 protected until 2017 (Lamar Odom trade) from Jordan Hill trade

 Timberwolves receive Utah’s first round pick lottery protected this year, top 12 protected in 2013 (Darius Songaila trade)

 Nets receive Rockets’ 2012 first round pick top 14 protected through 2016 (Terrence Williams trade)

 Hornets receive Timberwolves first round pick unprotected via Clippers (Chris Paul trade)

 Rockets receive Knicks’ 2012 first round pick top 5 protected through 2015 (Tracy McGrady trade)

 Jazz receive Warriors’ first round pick via Nets top 7 protected through 2013, top 6 protected in 2014 (Marcus Williams trade). If not received by 2014 Jazz will get Warriors’ 2014 and 2016 second round picks (Deron Williams trade)

 Blazers get 2012 top-3 protected 1st round pick from New Jersey via Gerald Wallace trade


3 Responses to NBA Mock Draft

  1. Mike says:

    The Cavs have 2 first rounders. There’s and the Lakers. You only have them with one pick, which is the Lakers not their lottery pick.

  2. Dave43' says:

    SG is a major concern for the Sixers? Evan Turner, Lou Williams, Adre Iguodala (a SG playing SF) and Jodie Meeks aren’t enough? I think the Sixers need a PF more with Brand getting old and Hawes being a free agent.

  3. Matt says:

    The Reaptors drafting Beal will not fill a huge hole at SG; Demar Derozan

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