Mock Draft

Version 11: 4/25

Pick-by-Pick Grades & Analysis 


No surprise here. There is still about a 1% chance that the Colts could be more impressed with RGIII, and make a surprise selection but no really expects that to happen. The real question is how do the Colts surround Luck with the right pieces to be successful. 

2.(from Stl)

QB Robert Griffin – Baylor

Another pick that is lock for the draft. Whether or not you feel that they gave up too much, they paid the price unlike other teams to get a franchise QB. Griffin might be in a better chance to succeed than Andrew Luck with a strong er supporting cast. 


OT Matt Kalil – USC

This pick is almost as a lock as the Andrew Luck selection is. The Vikings are in desperate need of finding a franchise LT to protect Christian Ponder. Kalil is a true blue-chip prospect and a huge upgrade over any Tackles on the Viking roster. Given the need at CB, Claiborne could be a possibility, but if Kalil is on the board he should be the pick.  


RB Trent Richardson – Alabama

So far the Browns have failed this offseason in trying to find a franchise QB.  They could take a gamble here on Ryan Tannehill, but in my opinion that could be the worst possible selection. They should target someone like Brandon Weeden later in this draft in my opinion. This team lacks any spark or playmakers on offense to get this fan base excited. With Trent Richardson on the board, and Peyton Hillis in Kansas City, grabbing the ‘Bama RB makes perfect sense. 


CB Morris Claiborne – LSU

Tampa Bay finished #21 in Pass Defense and have given up 12 plays of 40 yards or more. To go along with that, at any minute the Buccaneers could be without starting CB Aqib Talib. The other starting CB Ronde Barber is still playing solid, but he his nearing the end of his career. The Claiborne pick gives the Bucs a shutdown CB in a division with Drew Brees,Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan. 

6.(from Wash)

WR Justin Blackmon – Oklahoma St.

Rams are in an ideal spot heading into the draft and hold all the cards for how this draft could shake out. The Rams could easily select someone like Blackmon with the #2 pick, but got a great haul when the Redskins chose to trade up with St. Louis. DT is a major need and a guy like Dontari Poe could be an option, but there is even a greater need at WR in St. Louis, and Justin Blackmon becomes Sam Bradford #1 target. 


DE Melvin Ingram – South Carolina

When the draft rolls around in April the Jags need to focus on either WR or DE. There are several WR’s that could go in this spot, but with the lack of pass rush and the importance of that position, DE needs to be priority #1. Jacksonville re-signed Jeremy Mincey, but they wont be enough for the 2012 season. Another pass rusher will need to be obtained and Melvin Ingram could be the guy. Sure, Coples is till available, but his bust factor could be enough to deter the Jaguars. Ingram gives the Jags versatility and ability that they currently lack on defense. 


QB Ryan Tannehill – Texas A&M

Like it or not, Tannehill will go in the 1st round. I wouldn’t take him here, but it’s a good possibility it will happen. After missing out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn this offseason, the Dolphins can’t go into 2012 with David Garrad or Matt Moore under center. Tannehill might not start week 1 with those aforementioned in the mix, but he gives the Dolphins some long-term security at the QB spot. 


ILB Luke Kuechly – Boston College

For the majority of the offseason I have had either a CB or DT mocked to the Panthers. And while that certainly a need in Carolina, there are grumblings about that Luke Kuechly could be the pick. Apparently the Panthers are extremely high on Kuechly and they should be. His instincts and consistency are needed on a less than stellar defense. Currently Jon Beason mans the middle of their LB corps, but injuries have always been a problem for him.  Regardless if Beason can stay healthy or not, Kuechly might be best served playing WLB for the Panthers where he can use his instincts and tackling ability to stop the run. 


CB Stephon Gilmore – South  Carolina

Every year there seems to be a surprise pick in the top 10. Well, I guess you could consider Gilmore that pick. It seems that he has been gaining some momentum leading up to the draft, which is understandable since he’s been my #2 CB all season long. With Drayton Florence and Terrence McGee both in thier 30′s, Buffalo needs to get younger at the CB spot. Leodis McKelvin never really become more than just a solid return guy, while Aaron Williams is still developing. It’s no secret that Buddy Nix like Gilmore, and he could be the pick come draft day. 


OG David DeCastro – Stanford

There is no doubt that the Chiefs need help along the O-line, and with two very solid options available with DeCastro and Jonathan Martin the Chiefs are in a good spot with this pick. David DeCastro is the highest ranked Guard to come out since Steve Hutchinson and will be a fixture on the Kansas City O-line for years to come. Kansas City could slide Rodney Hudson to Center, and plug DeCastro in at Guard.


DE Quinton Coples – North Carolina

The Seahawks Defense has improved tremendously under Pete Carroll, but they still had trouble getting to the QB from the DE spot. Chris Clemons is solid, but is 30 years old and may not have too many good years left, and Red Bryant is solid in run defense, but has trouble getting to the Quarterback. Coples has had some motivational issues, but from a pure talent standpoint there aren’t many better than him. He can play both inside and outside on the D-Line and would be a great addition for the Seahawks.


OT Cordy Glenn – Georgia

The Cardinals took Levi Brown in 2007 with their 1st round pick and it has not worked out. Brown is one of the worst raned OT in the game. With so much invested in Kevin Kolb Arizona needs to do what they can in order to protect him. Glenn is anatural LT and has worked his way up the rankings and should slide into the starting rotation from day 1.


S Mark Barron – Alabama

I think this comes down to one of three guys. Safety Mark Barron, or DT’s Michael Brockers and Dontari Poe. Rumors suggest that Barron and Poe are at top of the Cowboys big board. Since Dallas has solid DE’s in place already with Kenyon Coleman,Marcus Spears, and Jason Hatcher, I think the wise move is to select Barron. Dallas has lacked a top Safety in some years, and Mark Barron is clearly the best Safety prospect in this draft. In a division that has Eli,Vick, and RGIII, a strong secondary is a priority. 


DT Fletcher Cox – Mississippi St.

After the acquisition of LB Demeco Ryans, the Eagles can turn their attention elsewhere. The Eagles have some FA’s at DT that look like won’t be re-signed and Mike Patterson doesn’t offer much long-term security. The Eagles use a rotation of defensive lineman, and Cox would be a solid option among those. OT and S could also be another possibility for the Eagles. 


DE/OLB Courtney Upshaw – Alabama

I think Mark Barron would be the ideal choice for the Jets, but with him gone, they need to turn elsewhere. Last season the Jets spent their 1st Rd pick on DE Muhammed Wilkerson, and while he’s been solid the front seven for the Jets hasn’t been spectacular. It’s saying something that Aaron Maybin is probably the most dynamic pass rusher on this team. Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace are both trending downwards and the Jets need an infusion of youth and talent. Some would argue that Upshaw is best pass rusher in this draft and would be a great fit for the Jets.  

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17 Responses to Mock Draft

  1. illeagle says:

    I really wish the eagles were getting notre dames mlb but hes staying in school.kuechly goes to bc.

  2. Mike J says:

    As a Bucs fan, if they cannot get Claiborne, Kirkpatrick would be a nice 1A choice. They could also opt for Kuechly with an eye toward moving him to Will.I would not cry if the team selected Reiff or DeCastro, either.I like linemen.

  3. Alan Jones says:

    Buffalo has already extended Erik Pears. Chris Hairston has been starting at left tackle with Bell out with an injury, but last week with Bell healthy again, he got some snaps at left tackle, and clearly outplayed Hairston, leading to him being named starter versus the Dolphins. If he plays well through the rest of the season, I think it is more likely than not the Bills will try to extend him, and with a full offseason of conditioning Hairston may come back as a much better offensive tackle in the fall of 2012. Hence, I don’t expect the Bills to draft a tackle in round one at all.

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  6. Kel says:

    Seahawks draft a RB in round one, what have you been smoking? Top need is a pass rushing DE, then a QB to back up Tjack because we all know how good Charlie Whitecrap played. If they draft a RB it would not happen til round 4 or 5 if at all.

    • mockdraft says:

      Yeah I know DE is thier biggest need, but if Richardson fell to them, are you gonna pass up Elite Talent for Need when you current RB is a FA? I dont see Richardson falling that far, but if he does, its not too far-fetched to think that the ‘Hawks would pick him.

  7. bengalfan says:

    Theres no way the Bengals draft a DT that high in the draft. They cud use some depth there but you don’t draft for depth in the second round. They have needs else where. Like OL, they desperately need safety help more than a DT. First 3 rds should be CB OG/C RB S. If it were up to me I wouldn’t even draft a RB high I think they have a RB in Cedric Peerman if they would just give him a chance.

    • mockdraft says:

      There is no doubt that DT is not the biggest need, but never assume that a team will pass on talent regardless of position. Many teams draft talent over need.

  8. Really think Dont’a Hightower is a better LB fit for Philly. Not a big fan of Kuechly’s size, but you never really know until you put on the pads, well wait, Mathews didn’t work out, shocker. Can we draft a head coach too, lol…Price Per Head

    • mockdraft says:

      Ive going back and forth on ILB’s. Not really thrilled about this LB class, but if the Eagles were to go that direction, I think they would take Kuechly. IMO Burfict has the most talent, but I dont think Andy Reid would go that direction. Kuechly’s the safer pick, but dont rule out a WR like Kendall Wright if D-Jax isnt resigned

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  11. Tim says:

    Re: Miami. “Current starter Vernon Carey is set to be a FA,… ” Carey was not the starting RT. Excellent choice on a RT on the first pick, but it was because Colombo was so terribly bad, not because Carey is a FA.

  12. Matt says:

    Love to argue with your draft but can’t. It seems well thought out and has the Lions filling glaring needs and allows them to get an additional 4 million added to there spending by making Dominic Raiola a Cap casualty. Not sure they go with Allen, but if he is at the Combine we will see what his skill set is.

  13. Matt says:

    Like your mock draft well thought out untilt he third round for the Lions. If the MLB from California is there no way they take a Dominic Raiola clone and pass up that stud ( I think he will be gone in the second round now after his combine). If they are going to take a OC Brewster or the kid from Michigan have more upside, but based on your draft they won’t pass up the MLB from California and in the fourth round they would take Turbin RB he is a hole filler and has a strong upside and comes from a zone blocking scheme which the Lions run.

  14. Alex says:

    Cleveland is spending one of their first 3 picks on WRs, they wont wait until the 5th Round.

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